Nothing sounds like a 303. New AcidBox Bassline

AcidBox Bassline is a Bass Synth recreation of the iconic TB-303 synth with a new interface and focused on real-time creation of sequences and tweaking in live situations.


  • Classic “303” Saw / Square oscillators + a screaming LP filter.
  • Easy to use sequencer with:
    • Up to 32 patterns / 1 to 64 steps per pattern.
    • Note / accent / slide for each step.
    • Global gate parameter.
    • Groove parameter.
    • Copy/paste/randomize patterns.
  • 3 modes:
    • Host sync: AcidBox sequencer is full sync’ed to the host.
    • Internal: AcidBox sequencer is running independantly.
    • MIDI In: AcidBox reacts like any VA synth (overlapped notes = slide).
  • Use MIDI notes or parameters to trigger patterns.
  • Pattern trigger can be synchronized to host (Beat, Bar, or free sync).
  • Insert note in sequencer with MIDI in real time (use pitch bend up/down for slide).
  • Built-in distorsion with 4 different units.
  • 1 ping pong delay with feedback filter.
  • Export or import your sequences, patterns and banks in multi formats.
  • MIDI Out: the AcidBox can send the sequencer notes to the host.

Audio Blast AcidBox is now available for Windows, Mac and Linux (VST/AU)

More info: AcidBlast

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