Roland JUNO DS Series

Roland is pleased to introduce the latest models of its “JUNO Series,” the Roland’s highly acclaimed series of affordable, yet versatile synthesizers. The latest releases will be two “JUNO-DS” models that have been given substantial upgrades to its sounds and features while retaining the ease-of-use that the series is known for.

Roland’s “JUNO Series” synthesizers have attracted a huge following ever since they were released as powerful and versatile synthesizers that enabled users to enjoy great sounds, and have become a favorite standard among hobbyist who seek to enjoy live performances. The JUNO-DS in this latest release has been given substantial upgrades to all of its sounds and features, all the while remaining true to the series’ basic concept of delivering high-quality sounds, intuitive operations, and portability.

In terms of sounds, we have gone to our limits to improve the quality of presets, and offer users the ability to add sounds of their choice from Roland’s special website. The JUNO-DS has also improved button and knob positioning so that users are able to bring up these sounds the moment that they need them.

In terms of functions, these models come with a vocal effects that allows users to hook up a mic and apply a variety of effects to their voices. They also come with a function for assigning sound effects and catchy phrases to the Phrase Pads, and instantly bringing them up while playing. This and many other functional additions will greatly expand the way users enjoy performing live on stages.

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