Korg introduces The microPIANO, Finally a “Go-Anywhere” Piano?

For piano players of all levels, Korg introduced the microPIANO — a compact, portable, “go-anywhere” piano featuring 61 keys and some grand piano-like design elements.

The microPIANO borrows its piano sound and stereo piano samples from Korg’s line of flagship digital pianos. To match its 61 keys, the piano has 61 available sounds. According to Korg, these keyboard sounds go beyond those of traditional pianos and include electric pianos, harpsichords, accordion, celeste, organs, clavs, toy pianos, and much more. In addition, there are also flutes, strings, harps, bells, and various mallet percussion sounds, including marimbas, vibes, steel drums, kalimbas, and music boxes.

Of these 61 sounds, 25 are “Short Phrase Sounds” that can automatically generate phrases simply by holding down a key — for example, piano sounds that provide a left-hand accompaniment in the lower range, allowing the melody line to be played with the right hand; organ sounds complete with phrases from famous pipe organ compositions; and more.

Also called a “Natural Touch” keyboard, the microPIANO has 61 mini-keys proportioned to provide both the skilled player and the beginner with a comfortable playing experience. The touch-sensitive keys are shaped in the traditional grand piano style, with square fronts and overhanging lip. An adjustable lid makes the microPIANO seem more like a traditional piano. The Korg microPIANO is available in Black, White and Red.

The instrument has a compact and lightweight body, with built-in speakers and the option of battery power. The headphone jack allows for private practice, while the internal speakers allow the microPIANO to be used to entertain others. When connected to an external amplifier, the microPIANO can perform at a live performance, for a rehearsal, street performance, party, and so forth.

The microPIANO will be available in three colors: Red, Black, or White. Korg expects to begin shipping the new piano in February, 2010 for $500 (MSRP).

For more information, please visit korg.com.

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