Build your own Chip-Tune Synth for $50

Always dreamed of building your own Synth?  Stray Technologies is now shipping YM_MINI Synthesizer kits, starting at about $50.  You’ll be able to create real-deal old school arcade and chip-tune sounds with these babies!

This is a usb-powered software-midi controlled mini synthesizer circuits. It uses  a virtual midi driver to fully control a real YM2149 chip in stereo.  (Th chip most well known for its use in the Apple II Mockingbird soundcards and Atari ST computers. The YM or the chip from which it was derived (GI’s AY-3-8910) also created the music and audio in the Intellivision, Vectrex, some MSX systems, Sinclair ZX and Spectrum home computers, and many arcade machines.

The synth can be played via a live midi controller — and these kits are much easier than busting up your old Atari!

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