Pro Tips: Integrate a Nintendo (NES) into your Studio?!

Looking for legitimate 8-Bit Nintendo Sounds to integrate into your studio with Midi Control? We’re passing along this helpful post we found at Create Digital Music

The folks at Pulsar: Audio ( Have made some amazing break-throughs that will have you dusting of your old NES and giving it a place in your studio!

What is NTRQ?

NTRQ is the world’s first native NES music tracker! “Native” meaning that it runs on an NES using battery-backed RAM to store your NTRQ song data.


Sounds cool, can I have it?

NTRQ was released on April 1st 2010. The latest version can be downloaded from the Downloads page.

Beta-testing will begin during February 2010 to a limited group of people. Soon after that (providing nothing horrendous crops up in testing) it will be available for general release.

How much will it cost?

Nothing. I’ll be giving it away free-of-charge. However, if you feel it’s worth paying something for, please click the “Donate” link and make a donation to Cancer Research.

Who created it?

Me, Neil Baldwin. However, I had a lot of help from countless people over the last 6 months that enabled me to make this ridiculous dream become a reality. Especially:

  • Geir for the late-night chats, constructive criticism, support and technical help.
  • Keff for the logo, help with the website layout, help with NES graphics and endless patience.
  • The NES/8-bit/chip music community (far too many people to list) for believing in what I was trying to do and for their excitement and enthusiasm which was much needed fuel to drive me onwards.
  • Liona for putting up with all this nonsense and for being my front-line UI tester and for her unshakable love, support and understanding. ♥

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  1. Don Norris says:

    Just getting into home recording, and Superwave P8 for xample, and trying to figure out which is best plugin for Reaper for a Gospel music, Country music songwriter. Cant find anyone to tell me which is best. Need steel guitar, guitar, harmonica,
    bass, some strings, and or twin fiddles, cello, etc.
    Getting nowhere quick.
    Can you assist? thanks, Don


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