The Next Generation of Radio? “What’s On Air” app for iPhone

Milan, Italy. – PalmoLogix is pleased to announce the release and worldwide availability of the updated version of What’s On Air app for iPhone and iPod touch. It is designed especially for all music fans who adore listen to radio stations but who can’t wait for their favorite song or bands to appear on air.

What’s On Air is more than just another radio player that allows anyone listening to internet radio stations on their smart devices. It’s an advanced radio player that keeps its users up-to-date with their favorite music by scanning hundreds of internet radio streams in real time. What’s On Air detects what songs and bands are currently broadcasted and shows an enormous list of artists to choose from. The app only displays songs that are about to be played or have just started. The list of tracks is updated every minute to avoid the disappointment of arriving for the last few chords of the favorite song.

Furthermore, What’s On Air users are given a chance to take control over radio stations by putting up to twenty artists or song titles into the app’s search engine, and then listening to them on-line. While a song is playing, a user gets access to the tons of information about the chosen tune, including the album cover, full track listings for all the albums that song appears on, youtube videos and many more. What’s On Air also provides the possibility to purchase the favorite songs in iTunes from inside the app. The new unique feature called Instant Boost can be activated for extremely fast and immediate response for all users’ searches.

“I think What’s On Air is exactly what iOS users have been waiting for. What’s On Air is a really good tool to discover what radios in the world are playing at any moment and connect immediately to the one that is playing users’ requests”, says Gianluca Falasca, CEO of Palmologix.

Learn more at the official “What’s On Air” product page.

Or the app is available for download at:

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