SynthScaper: Ambient Soundscapes Teaser

Igor Vasiliev announced his new app, Synthscaper, which will be released in the coming weeks.


  • Soundscape Synthesizer – specially design for creating and experiments with ambient soundscapes
  • Three sample-based oscillators in common sound space with spatial mixer
  • Three layers in each oscillator with different samples, six voices in each layer
  • A lot of tweaking parameters
  • Six envelope generators and LFO’s for key parameters of oscillators and filters
  • Built-in library with samples of actual instruments, noises, loops, etc.
  • Possible to download and autotune samples
  • Three slots in series or parallel for different filters after each oscillator
  • Up to two virtual and two MIDI keyboards, very flexible assigning keyboards and modifiers for oscillators
  • Separate arpeggiator for each oscillator
  • Split virtual keyboard and full screen double keyboard
  • Scales, velocity, pitch and continuous mode for virtual keyboards
  • iPad and iPhone support

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