Bram Bos Ripplemaker: Modular iOS Synth

Everything Bram Bos releases is worth checking out. His latest app is no exception. Ripplemaker is a ‘West Coast Flavoured Modular Synth’. If you’re looking for a something similar to the excellent Moog Model 15, this app is excellent. However, they’re different flavors. If you’re a fan of 0-coast modular, you’ll probably really like this app (hint, hint).

Here’s more info straight from the developer:

Even if you’re not familiar with modulars, wavefolders or control voltages you can dive right in, because all modules are prewired; offering a powerful monosynth without using a single cable. Then whip out the virtual cables and start patching. Ripplemaker is designed for fun – big enough to lose yourself into, yet intuitive enough to not get lost.

Standalone sequencer goodness:

Sometimes you want to get away from your DAW and just play. That’s why Ripplemaker, beside being an AU plugin, also comes with a standalone sequencer app that helps you get creative. It has a random pattern generator with scale locks, a realtime probability-based mutation engine and it syncs with your other apps and hardware via Ableton Link or MIDI Clock.

Connectivity beyond cables:

Obviously in a modular synth it’s all about cables. But Ripplemaker takes connectivity to the next level:

– AUv3 (Audio Unit) Plugin Extension
– Universal design (works on iPad 4+, iPhone 5S+, iPod Touch 6G+)
– CoreMIDI, Virtual MIDI, Bluetooth MIDI,
– Audiobus 3, including AB3 MIDI IN+OUT and State Saving
– Ableton Link
– MIDI Clock Sync
– WAV export, MIDI file export, AU preset export
– Ready for iOS11 Files access

Ripplemaker is now available in the app store.

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