AudioKit Synth One: Official Specifications Revealed

The specs for the much-anticipated open-source AudioKit Synth One iPad synthesizer were revealed today. The app will be completely free and will be available as both a stand-alone app and AUv3 plug-in.

The app features a “who’s who” of sound designers, including Red Sky Lullaby who joins an all-star cast of sound designers for M83, Tycho, Mike Posner, Neon Trees, and more. We’re excited to get our hands on this one.

You can even read our exclusive interview with one of the developers, Matthew Fecher, at GearFest a couple of weeks ago. At which point we had a few minutes of hands-on time with the app. Even on the loud and crowded showroom floor, we could tell that this app is going to be something special.

Without further ado, here are the official specs.


  • Unlimited Poly Synthesizer
  • Over 100+ Presets crafted by famous sound designers
  • Five Oscillators (2 Morph, FM, Sub, Noise)
  • AudioBus & Inter-app Audio
  • Ableton Link
  • Classic poly arpeggiator
  • AUv3 Plug-in support to use in your iOS host
  • MIDI in (Control with a MIDI Keyboard or DAW)
  • Vintage-Style Step Sequencer
  • Individually Morphing Oscillators
  • FM Oscillator w/ Mod
  • Dedicated Sine/Square -12/24 Sub Osc
  • 4-Pole Vintage Low-Pass Filter
  • High-Pass/Band Pass Filters
  • Mono glide
  • Beautiful Sean Costello Reverb
  • Assignable LFO w/ 4 waveforms
  • Multi-tap (ping-pong) delay
  • Touchable ADSR Envelopes for Amp & Filter
  • Detune Oscillators by Semitone & Hz
  • Full Source code included
  • Preset Import/Export & More…

For more info, visit the AudioKit Synth One website.

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