30 Great Free Soft Synths

A friend of our publication, Jacob Jones, just emailed us to let us know that he has tested over 2,000+ VSTs to start a list of his 30 (and growing) favorite Free VSTS  Software Synths and effects! You can find his list at the aptly named FreeSoftSynth.com

Hi, my name is Jacob, and I’m a professional musician who loves software synthesizers.   In fact, in the past few years, I’ve tested over 2,000+ Free Soft Synths!  People always ask me for recommendations for MIDI Software Synths & VSTs, so, I thought it would be easier to just put a list online, that way everyone could benefit!  If anyone asks you for free software recommendations, feel free to send them to my site!

Visit FreeSoftSynth.com:


Click above to visit.

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