FREE Software Fridays: A Moog Taurus?

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Editor’s Note: The new “Easy-Tauros” from Eazy Toolz  (based out of Darmstadt, Germany) is meant to be a VST Moog-Taurus emulator.

Out staff gave it a quick test-run and discovered that it is possible to get some very usable “Moog-ish” sounds out of it.  If you don’t have a Moog-Emulator, this might be a nice addition to your VST collection.

Here’s the Specs:

– 2 Oscilators with 6 Waveforms (Triangle, Saw, Saw/Triangle and 3 different Pulses)
- Tuning over 3 Octaves (8´-16´-32´) – Finetune Osc 2
- Mixersection (Osc 1+3)
- Special Low-Pass-Filter with Cutoff, Emphasis and ADS Envelope
- 2 ADS-Envelopes (one for Filter – one for VCA-Amplifier)
- Additonal to the Original-Features:
- Velocity – Reverb – Unisono-Function with Detune
- All Midi-CC are shown in Mouse-Hints in brackets !
- NEW in Update: Waveform-Selector available!
- 64 Patches made by Kujashi (1-16) and  BAYAN (33-64)

You can grab a free copy from

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